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How it Works

Choose Your Topic

As a mentor and coach with a vast array of experience and knowledge your first call of action would be to decide on what subject matter and topic you would like to teach and what type of information you would like to share with the world. It is recommended that you select a subject matter that will

What Makes A Good Topic?

In selecting your topic of expertise you should consider what subjects would best highlight your skills and a topic you feel very confident to talk about in front of the camera. Whatever subject matter you choose your course will stand as a testimony to your brand and coaching business.

Create A Course

Once you have selected your topic it is now time to structure your knowledge and create the sequence of how your course is going to be delivered and then film the content. The structure of the course will determine how students will consume your content.

Lights, Camera, Action

There are a range of production methods that you can use to film and record your video E-course. To produce a quality course you should consider what production elements you will be using and how to best capture your audio as well as your company image.

Connect With Students

Once you have finalised your course and gone through the entire production process the next stage will be to upload your video E-course onto the platform and share your knowledge and wisdom with the world. Our bespoke platform will allow students from all around the world to access the content 24/7.

Digital Coaching

With your DIGITAL COACHING application, you will be able to remain in constant communication with your mentorees and be able to upload exclusive video content that has been tailored to answer specific questions.

Discover your potential

Earn extra income Earn extra income

Earn Extra Income

For every course that is sold you will be entitled to a revenue split with Wealth Dragons allowing you to earn uncapped amounts of income.

Earn extra income Earn extra income

Inspire Students

Reach out and inspire countless amounts of students with the right type of information and strategy to help learners get to that next stage of success

Earn extra income Earn extra income

Get support

From conceptualisation to production, profile creation and marketing we will assist you in order to make every stage of your online business a success

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Global Reach With Students From Around The World Students worldwide
Communicate In A Global Languages Of Your Choice Different languages
Join A Network Of Talented Speakers And Mentors Supportive instructors

We're here to help

Creating a video E-course is the best way to reach out to millions of people around the world and showcase your expertise. Designing, structuring and producing your course is a large project. At Wealth Dragons we have a range of E-course conceptualising mentors and production specialists who will be happy to guide you.